About the Smith Family

We are the Smith family. Our mission is to always be learning and growing. And we want to be able to do that while making new connections and friends along the way.


I’m a lover of tacos, fishing, and going on adventures with my girls.

I enjoy growing my mind through books, conversations with interesting people, and by challenging myself to do things I never saw myself doing.

I’m always up for making new experiences and connections. I believe that every problem comes with a solution. Sometimes you just have to get creative in finding the solution, but it is there. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker and don’t mind a challenge.

My desire is to see people set free from the limits and restrictions that they put on themselves. I want to inspire people and help them to find their God given purpose. I want to be authentic, transparent and real with everyone I encounter.


If I could be anything I would be a cartoon… or a mermaid… or a cartoon mermaid! If you can’t tell by now, I’m a kid at heart. I believe a heart full of joy can fill you with the strength to do all things.

I’m radically positive and I love coming alongside new friends and encouraging them to live out their unique purpose. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching someone discover their purpose.

I’m here to be transparent in my journey of faith through an unknown world. My hope is that, by sharing my life, my struggles and triumphs, it would inspire you to live without limitations.

Be bold. Be courageous. Don’t give up hope, we’re in this together!


I am 11. I have 3 friends: Abbigail, Addison and Emerson. I do dance and I love softball. I mostly play pitcher or shortstop. We have a dog named Rose; we share her with our neighbor Miss Mandy. It may be weird, but it’s fine with me.

I go to Providence Church with my family. I love it there and we even do VBS (Vacation Bible School).

My hobby is reading. Emerson and I have a secret book club (don’t tell her I said that, he he). We love Nancy Drew, old books and diaries. Addison and I love babies. We literally fight about who gets to hold Lucus (my moms friends baby son). BTW, Miss Sam, Lucus’ mom, is my softball coach.

We have a trampoline we named it Daisy, because it has yellow stripes on it. We are also homeschooled.


My favorite thing to do is play. I like pizza. I also like to jump on my trampoline.

Have a good day!