Fear without evidence

Fear can overtake you when you find yourself in an unknown situation. I think it is really important to remember that you should receive all possible information and evidence involving the situation before you make a decision to be fearful. And when it comes time to decide on whether to be fearful or courageous. Choose courage.

We came home on the first after being away for a while. We found that one of the windows in our daughters’ room was broken.

Hand_gun,_Musée_Somme_1916,_pic-035I started investigating and discovered a hole in the the steel screen. Based on the trajectory and force of entry I knew it was from a bullet. I immediately assumed it was a shot that was taken point blank from inside my yard. I became enveloped in fear.

It wasn’t until the East Carroll Sheriff came out to file a report that I was informed; that numerous folks were firing celebratory gun shots on new years eve, I researched and discovered that a round fired up can maintain it’s velocity, and there was no other damage, that I realized this was just an accident. A potentially disastrous one, but an accident none the less.

No more fear… If only I waited to read the whole story before choosing fear.

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