What change are you seeking to make?

To help inspire and build healthy rural communities where citizens feel they have a purpose everyday.

Communities where the majority of people feel fulfilled, because they are engaged, they practice life with intention and know their true value. Citizens foster unity, not by demanding it or dreaming about it, but by making it happen through connecting authentically with neighbors that aren’t like them. It is the differences in us that make us a powerful team, because we each have something unique to offer.

Ultimately the change I am seeking to make could be classified as a complete rewrite of culture. To change culture isn’t enough. A new culture will be built from scratch, brick by brick as each hand that engages and does their part. Kind of like a dynamic, tailor made culture. A culture of change.

Citizens take action and start projects that create impact for others out of a sense of responsibility and passion, not for status or out of obligation. Other forms of capital are seen as valuable and are leveraged. Money is not the only way to make impact. Just to name a couple, the spare time and expertise/knowledge mixed with a little passion of a member can be almost priceless.

This is more just a random thought than a part of this answer, but…
This may be too extreme, but what if we could be so comfortable with things around us changing, that the idea of no change made us uncomfortable?

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